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These are templates for our tags and trophies if you want to design your own.
Keep in mind we need a bleed around the edges.
Be sure to keep your text and logo within the gold lines.
Just send us the background design and components
and let us do the numbering!
Please don't send artwork for each numbered tag.
Regular Tag Regular 3.5" x 1.75" Fiberglass Tag
Large Tag Large 4.25" x 2.5" Fiberglass Tag
Square Tag Square 3.5" Fiberglass Tag
Round Tag Round 4" Fiberglass Tag
Wood Tags Wood 2.75" x 4" Tag
Bottle Opener Bottle Opener
Round Metal Tag Round 3.5" Metal Tag
Square Metal Tag Square 3" Metal Tag
Square Medallion Square Medallion
Medallion Medallion & Metal Mini
Half Oval Slate Trophy Half Oval 8" x 8" Slate Trophy
Square Slate Trophy Square 7" x 7" Slate Trophy
Large Slate Trophy Large 10" x 7" Slate Trophy
Jumbo Slate Trophy Jumbo 14" x 11" Slate Trophy